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Videotalk with Iris - The Secret of Vertical Video

We are gonna reveal our secrets of vertical videos.

Juraj Berezny is a videographer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. He does music videos and a produced a music video for a spanish singer, which was nominated for MTV Germany.

@iriskmueller is a iphonevideo- and photographer based in St.Gallen, Switzerland. She works for Sauber Aerodynamics, Helvetia Versicherung, University of St.Gallen and Bodenseeschifffahrt.

We have many things in common - starting THE PHILOSOPHY, the passion and our attitude on paid projects, we work on our own and rely on self-study knowledge not on institutions, and, and, and.

In this Videotalk we want to share our professional view and expertise on vertical video.

Stay tuned an join us. We are happy to see you then on Friday, 11th March, 5 pm. Enjoy life!



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